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My Artwork

​In my artwork, I strive to convey positive emotions and capture the essence of happiness and self-love. I create whimsical and liberating concepts that celebrate the natural world's beauty and humanity's interconnection. Through vibrant colors and contrasting tones, I aim to evoke a sense of vitality and bring my paintings to life.

"Colorful Soul"

Acrylic on canvas

This painting captures the essence of life's wonders, showcasing the precious value of loved ones, the significance of friendships, and the abundant opportunities that life presents us. Sometimes, it can be challenging to fully recognize and appreciate these blessings due to our feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed. However, when we take a moment to pause, observe, and shift our perspective, we can uncover the hidden opportunities that await our discovery.


"Violet Heels"

Acrylic on canvas

This painting is inspired by the adversity and setbacks we encounter in life. It acknowledges the challenges we face, but above all, it celebrates the resilience and strength of the human spirit to overcome these obstacles. It depicts a triumphant moment that symbolizes our ability to rise above the difficulties life presents us with.

"Absolutely Free"

Acrylic on canvas

In this painting, I sought to capture the satisfaction and positive emotion of overcoming life moments that steal our peace, whether they be physical, emotional, or intellectual in nature. The composition and high color contrast may convey a feeling of strength, resilience, and determination. The brushstrokes or techniques employed might also evoke a sense of movement and energy. Overall, the painting aims to depict the satisfaction and joy that comes with triumphing over challenges.

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