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My Life at UW- Stout

Being part of UW-Stout has allowed me to take different studio classes that have significantly strengthened my artistic skills and developed others I didn't know I had. My art path has constantly grown and reinvented in many ways. Below is a small glimpse that frames part of my preparation as an art teacher.

Drawing  I

Drawing I is the study and application of the principles and mechanics of descriptive, observational, freehand drawing using black and white media. 

Paper Bag Drawing_edited_edited.jpg

"Empty bottle"

Ink wash technique



"Quiet steps"

"Quiet steps"

Charcoal Technique


Charcoal technique


Jacqueline Sanchez - Drawing - Flag.jpg
Drawing 13_edited.jpg

"Between lines"

Charcoal Technique

"Somewhere in stout"


2D Design Foundations

This course is designed to train and refine coordination between hands, eyes, and mind through various tools and materials associated with two-dimensional design. Unify composition through rhythm, repetition, balance, contrast, economy, emphasis, and variety to foster the ability to recognize and apply design principles. As well as discover and use the capabilities found within the principles of design: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Time, and Space.

 "The planet in black & white" 

Ink wash technique

2D -  "The planet in black & white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"
2D -  "The planet in black and white"

 "Photo Collage

This project aimed to capture the topography of the Earth using Google Earth to create a composition that represented the unification and harmony between the elements. Once the final photographs were taken, the editing process was followed using Photoshop Studio to increase the dramatic atmosphere of the photo. Then, each photograph was printed to make a collage. The final project was an 11 x 17 hand drawing of the collage using the ink wash technique to represent the same photo but by the talent of the hands and not a digital print.

This course is about designing in digital space so the created content can be displayed and seen digitally. Photoshop Studio, Illustrator, and InDesign are some programs used in this course to develop content. 

2-D Digital Imaging 

Ceramic I

Ceramic I is learning about basic principles of art through the media of clay. Students will explore different ceramic construction methods, including basic pottery skills and hand-building techniques.

Despite my technique in working with clay - hand-building, slab, coil construction, or wheel throwing- pottery makes me feel I could work without stopping. This is an area I would like to concentrate on and teach in my classroom besides painting.  

 "Mug set" 


 "Sharp Flower" 


ceramic 9.jpg
ceramic 10.jpg
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